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Architectural Cavity Sliding Door Systems

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Floor to ceiling architectural cavity sliding door system.

The Ladenko architectural Classic™ Zero Clearance range has been designed to carry doors weighing upto 120kg and to achieve a clearance of 3 – 5mm between the track and the top  of the door, with no hanger plates or screws protruding above the top edge of the door, the door can be adjusted to achieve a minimal recommended 3mm clearance.

The Ladenko ‘Classic™’ Zero Clearance cavity slider is our full height floor to ceiling system,  used in many architecturally designed buildings that require doors which incorporate both style and functionality. The modern full height minimum clearance ‘clean lines look’, demands an unobtrusive track system that is concealed and one that finishes flush with the underside of the ceiling.  The track system  can be powder coated to match the ceiling colour to improve the colour flow between rooms.  The  Ladenko Classic™ Zero Clearance system is available for all full height door requirements whether as a single door, or to suit double doors sliding one either side on a single track.

In addition to the minimum clearance hanger fittings the Ladenko Classic™ Zero Clearance range comes standard with a precision door guidance bearing system that is fully concealed in the bottom edge of the door, extending the Classic™ Zero Clearance look of the door right down to the floor.  The optional clip stop with adjustable retention force holds the panel in place and completes the system.

If required, these doors can be rebated for hardware at our factory, saving time during installation. To compliment the Classic™Zero Clearance  range, Ladenko can also offer various accessory options to make a complete package.

We can also supply custom made sliding doors to match the cavity sliding door pocket.

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